Dow Cancer Care Center Dubai

Dow Cosmetic Surgery Center Dubai
March 27, 2016

Project Description

DOW Healthcare was founded by Dr. Kashif Ansari in Houston, Texas. He is a Hematologist/Oncologist who graduated from University of Texas Medical Branch and MD Anderson Cancer Center and started his own cancer center. Over the past 11 years, there has been three campuses all across the state of Texas. So far, DOW Healthcare has established four full blown cancer centers proudly serving more than 100 thousand patients every year.

Dr. Kashif Ansari had a vision for DOW Healthcare. As a Hematologist/Oncologist, he has a heart for all types of cancer patients. He want DOW Healthcare to not only serve residents in the United States but all over the world starting by opening a cancer center in Dubai. With this vision, we are excited to present our newest project coming up in 2016!