Hustling would be the evasive definition of business development for a startup organization since the business might be still figuring out what they want to do and how exactly. However, business development really is sales plus partnerships. It is the creation of the long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. With proper business development, a business will prosper with more revenue and more enhanced product. So, it seems easy enough to do, but things are always easier said than done. With this in mind, an organization should always think about how to develop their business with the following tips.

First, hire the right person at the right time and recognize across the organization that business development is not sales alone. All the people hired at the right time after a lengthy scouting, testing, and scaling process, should all know that business development is not only sales but sales combing with partnership. After all people have the same mindset, the organization should think about post-deal management since managing an organization is a continuous process. Making deals carefully is also important since there is a difference between making deals and making the right deals. Making the wrong deal can hurt an organization and lead to legal issue that nobody wants to deal with.

With all this in mind, know that you are not alone. DOW Healthcare is here to help you in the process of managing your business. We are only one phone call away so please contact us today!



When we marvel on a new, grandiose, and luxury hospital, we should look into how much work the organization put into it. Since a healthcare facility is a hub for medical procedures, emergencies and general care, a lot of regulations one has not even heard of is set in place for healthcare construction in order to meet standards of equipment, sanitation, capacity and any other conditions that may influence the medical need of individuals who come to the facility. Here are a few things that plays an important role in the construction of a healthcare facility.

Fire safety is a main concern for developing construction plans for a hospital just in case of emergencies. To do this, an application for a fire license is needed. Then comes flexibility and expandability. Since a facility’s function ability and needs constantly changes, the construction should be planned to follow modular concepts of spacing, planning and layout. Aesthetics is also very important when it comes to construction of a healthcare facility. One may say if they have the best physicians, it does not matter how ugly their building looks like as long as it meets the rules and regulations. However, festhetics will contribute to presenting the hospital as a friendly, open, and homelike environment. Accessibility comes next but all areas of a health care facility must comply with minimum according to the Americans with Disability Act and also with the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards if the facility is federally owned.

When starting up your facility, there are many things to look upon and it is easy to let something slip unintentionally. Therefore, it is crucial to have an experienced team handle the construction of any healthcare facility. Dow Healthcare is very experienced in handling healthcare construction issues so let us help you start the construction of your facility!


Project management is strategically planned and organized. It includes a step-by-step approach, starting with nothing and get to where one wants. The bigger a project is, the more one needs a proper project management because it defines the objectives, tasks, and how everything will be achieved. A professional healthcare project management employee would advise on and execute projects to allow a healthcare organization to evolve while reducing the cost to the lowest and still ensure patients gets the highest quality care possible.

If you were doing project management in healthcare you will be doing something like the following:

  • Oversee quality and timeliness delivering reports
  • Participate with project and establish plans, objectives, initiatives, and work plans
  • Provide direction and schedule to team members
  • Resolve problems in a timely and professional manner
  • Ensure project budgets and any related financial schedules to meet corporate requirements

DOW Healthcare has the right person who focuses in utilizing our resources effectively and determine budgets and timeliness for completion. Additionally, we will manage the implementation of the project plan, along with operating and budget controlling to ensure a successful project. Are you just now starting up your health care facility and struggling? Choose DOW Healthcare and let us take you through the process step by step and make your dream become reality!


This is one of the most critical part for any business before it starts even though all businesses are different. It makes your business shout out its own characteristics and helps your business make useful decisions in the future. With market analysis, you will be able to gather useful data in your business plan that aids you in knowing your customers, setting fair pricing, and understanding competitors’ vulnerabilities. Also, if you are looking for investors, our market analysis will be the fundamental data to convince your audience that your business will be successful.

Here are a few things to include in a thorough market analysis:

  • Industry description and outlook: here, one will discuss the current state of the industry he or she chose and overall what might happen.
  • Metrics such as size, trends, life cycle, and projected growth should be included here. This helps investors see that the organization knows what they are doing with a hard date to back them up.
  • Target market: This section gives out a clear idea of the target market early on. Not everyone will be the potential market because that is just not realistic. By narrowing in the real customers, an organization can direct the marketing dollars efficiently while attracting loyal customers who will be the word of mouth. One should use persona and characteristics and get real on the market size in this section.
  • Competitive analysis: this section is when one dissect their competitors and it is very important. A SWOT analysis like the how big is the market, what are the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, the importance of your target market to competitors, barriers to entry, and window of opportunity should be included.
  • Projections: This is where one talks about market share and pricing and gross margin. The pricing structure, discounts, and stuff one plans to offer should be discussed. Be practical but optimistic because optimistic projections will serve as a guide as well as a motivator.
  • Regulations: if there are any governmental regulations or restrictions on the market, it needs to be brought up and discussed so one can stay comply with them. The cost of compliance also needs to be addressed so everything legally will be squared away and above board.