At Dow Healthcare Staffing we have implemented a tedious screening process that sets us apart. The first step is an initial screening which includes: academic records, credentialing, languages spoken, and a verbal interview. The secondary screen includes: letters of recommendation, experience verification, and visa confirmation. Our last step consists of a board review including: technical interview by faculty, personality assessment, and academic evaluation.



When we marvel on a new, grandiose, and luxury hospital, we should look into how much work the organization put into it. Since a healthcare facility is a hub for medical procedures, emergencies and general care, a lot of regulations one has not even heard of is set in place for healthcare construction in order to meet standards of equipment, sanitation, capacity and any other conditions that may influence the medical need of individuals who come to the facility. Here are a few things that plays an important role in the construction of a healthcare facility.


Dow Healthcare will ensure that care delivery models and processes are both effective and efficient. We offer a comprehensive, holistic approach to guaranteeing the success of your project, including development to management. We will assist in acquiring the licensing and permits necessary for your project as well as the equipment and supplies. We also provide staffing services through Dow Staffing.



Operating since a decade, DOW Billing has been serving healthcare entities to improve collections, minimize expenses, and optimize workflow with state-of-the-art solutions, and an avant-garde product and services portfolio. Our comprehensive portfolio serves as a unified platform to deliver solutions that enable organizations in the healthcare sector enhance their financial performance and transform into a lucrative business venture. DOW Billing’s innovative technological solutions for the healthcare sector have the competency and functionality to reform your medical practice by growing your cashflow, and multiplying your revenue and efficiency.